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My Tripod, Rockie

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My Tripod, Rockie

Grief Over A Lost Friend

It has been almost 2 days since Rockie’s spirit left his body. I made the emergent decision to have him put to sleep by the veterinarian after learning that his cancer recurred. The cancer this time was invading the cavity that housed his heart and lungs. There was virtually no space left in the cavity as the tumor was usurping the space. I am still devastated by this news.

Eighteen months ago, Rockie was diagnosed with cancer fibrosarcoma on his left back hind leg. The tumor was visibly large. We were faced with 3 options: euthanasia, amputation of the leg, or chemotherapy/radiation treatments. I did research on the Internet, and Tripawds was immensely helpful. I elected to have Rockie’s leg amputated. Per the research I knew that there was risk that the cancer could return immediately if the surgeon could not create clean margins (healthy tissue) around the tumor. Furthermore, I knew that there was a chance the cancer could reccur despite the surgeon getting clean margins. Others said their cat lived anywhere from 1-3 years after the amputation. I begged God to give me another 2 years with this pet. At this time Rockie was 12.

God gave me 18 months, and honestly, I am satisfied I got that extra time with my beloved pet.  Every time I saw him I would smile, talk to him in a baby voice, and hold him tightly. I did not know how much time I would have with him. If I had to repeat this situation with Rockie, then I would. My mother thinks differently, however. She said that she probably would have euthanized him instead of having the amputation. Her reasons for this are because Rockie was not able to do the things he was previously able to do. Rockie never successfully walked with his 3 legs. He hopped around. Also, he needed assistance getting on the sofas and beds. We bought him a soft stuffed staircase. Also, he could not jump onto the window sill anymore and bask in the sun. Lastly, my mother, like I, was devastated that the cancer returned anyway. I agree with my mom; Rockie couldn’t do the things he used to after the surgery. Also, it is heartbreaking that this vicious disease made a comeback. Everyone has a different opinion about situations especially sensitive ones involving pets.


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4 Responses to “Grief Over A Lost Friend”

  1. jeanetteg
    6:25 pm on February 17th, 2017      Reply

    So sorry that you lost Rockie 🙁 Another 18 months was a wonderful blessing.

    Sending you hugs and prayers.

    Jeanette & Boone

  2. jerry
    6:41 pm on February 17th, 2017      Reply

    Oh I’m so sorry! What a hearbreaker, I know it’s tough, even after getting that bonus time, to say goodbye for now.

    Please take comfort in knowing that Rockie felt your love and kindness when times got tough. He knew you would always be there for him, and you were. Even during his last moments, you did right by him. He didn’t suffer and he passed away in such a manner that most humans don’t get the opportunity to have. You are an angel, and he is too now. And he will never, ever leave your side.

    Please celebrate Rockie’s life here, we could love to smile and rejoice over your time together.

    Many hugs and condolences coming your way.

  3. m88
    1:22 am on February 18th, 2017      Reply

    Hi there Dear, are you actually visiting this site daily, if so after that you will without doubt get pleasant experience.

  4. benny55
    3:25 pm on February 18th, 2017      Reply

    Be clear on one thing, okay? Rockie was glad he had another year and a half for more spoiling and cuddling and treats and loving!!! It didn’t matter to him if there were a few things he couldn’t or if he had a whacky walk, he just cared about more time with you!! And he is soooo glad you gave him that extra bonus time!!

    Lots of love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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