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My Tripod, Rockie

cat, fibrosarcoma, amputation, hind leg, black cat

My Tripod, Rockie

Vaccines and cancer

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, because I have been busy at law school. I still miss Rockie a lot, but the grief is bearable. I read some pet grief books after he passed, and they certainly helped. Rockie was cremated, and I plan to make a proper urn for him in this pottery class I’m taking on winter break.

I wanted to open up a dialogue about shots and veterinarian care. When I discovered Rockie had fibrosarcoma cancer, I immediately did research. In my research I uncovered that there is a link between vaccines and developing cancer. The sites I read discussed that vaccines were administered in the left hind leg of the kitten/cat. I find it curious that Rockie’s left leg was the one that was amputated. I am not a physician or a veterinarian so it is inappropriate for me to give professional advice, but if vaccines contributed to his terminal illness, then I regret that he had them. My cat was an indoor cat; I’m not sure he needed them?


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One Response to “Vaccines and cancer”

  1. jerry
    1:47 pm on November 26th, 2017      Reply

    Hey I am just getting caught up with blogs and am glad to see you posted. I’m sorry folks missed this important topic! Vaccines and cancer is a big deal in feline vet medicine.

    I know you’ll find lots of discussions about VAS (vaccine associated sarcomas) in the Tripawds Discussion Forums so feel free to hop over and chime in OK?

    We look forward to seeing the urn you create for Rockie. I know it will be the most beautiful vessel because you made it with your own two hands and your heart. Hope you have a good, well-deserved winter break.

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